Celtic names: Enora, Gwenn, Loan, Lenia, Tara

Celtic names: Enora, Gwenn, Loan, Lenia, Tara

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Originality, regional identity ... these are the strengths of the Celtic names. And they do not like that in Brittany! Enora, Gwenn, Loan, Lénaïc, Tara: origin, meaning, date of celebration ... all about 10 first names with magic accents. You will also find ideas with derivatives.


  • Female first name.
  • Celtic "enor", which means honor.
  • Enora was a 7th century Saxon princess married to St. Efflam from birth. Deciding to remain chaste, they both fled to Armorica where they each had their oratory, distant from each other.
  • His party : October 14th.
  • Its derivatives: Enor, Norig.


  • First name mixed.
  • Celtic "gwenn", white, happy.
  • Saint Gwenn, wife of Saint Fragan and mother of Saint Gwenolé is very honored in several cities of Brittany. Gwenn is also a frequent diminutive for names such as Gwenllian, Gwenlaouen, Gwentrog, etc.
  • His party : October 18th.
  • Its derivatives: Gwen, Gwennig, Gwenna, Gwennaig, Gwennen, Gwennez.

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